Live out your dreams

Not everything happens by accident: I found an extract from my diary that I had proposed:

“Since I started my university my dream was to found a company. As a young woman the aim was to create a business, to be rich. I am continuing now to have the same dream but I think that the purpose is different. It is not to get rich but to create technologies that can radical change the way we think about healthcare.

The idea born after reading an article in Internationale (one of my favorite magazines): about a man who patented a way to produce absorbent in a cheap way (entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganatham). The amazing thing is that this man instead of thinking to became rich themselves, it preferred to spread this method to improve the living conditions of many women.

Reading this article gave me the hope that it is possible to create something without following strictly the laws of capitalism. After all we women definitely work to support the economic conditions of our families but especially because we want to look in the mirror and see something worthwhile. “

Believe in impossible thing , fearless

I usually listen TED talks, when I am working. I feel happy and I open my mind to evaluate a different points of view. Today I was listening a TED about realise our passione and how believe in impossible things make them real.

I thought that I’d like to follow my passion too and I’d like to give a positive impact in this world, but the problem is that I’m not anymore sure that I know what I want. This situation is protracting by several years, for this reason I thought that I’ll start to do thing, to learn all the things that I think could help me to reach my objective. BECAUSE the time to realise and achieve your target starts now.