Need change

Yesterday I went to a shopping center to buy some dresses for Aurora. I stopped to breastfeeding in a coffee shop. While I breastfed I saw one of my friend of water aerobics for pregnant women. I greeted her but she did not see me. Anyway I was happy to see that she had a beautiful child but  I was shocked: she was unrecognizable (no makeup, hair disheveled, and dressed in drab way). Unbelievable up to 3 months ago she was completely different. After breakfast I went to change Antonio and looking in the mirror I realized that I looked  too like my friend of water aerobics (except hair, arranged only because the day before I had an exam for the job). Need change !!! I made up with a few make up that were left in the bag. For this reason today I decided to undertake a process of change, even if I do not know exactly how to structure it. I started with a facial mask and I danced a bit with Antonio.  Now I hope to do sports even at home with the baby and  study German. I want to improve this language because I think it’s the only way to be integrated in this nation. And however another language it always useful for the work.