Breastfeeding and work in Germany 2/2

At the end I got the information: it is also possible to breastfeeding at home.

The law doesn’t regulate when the breastfeeding should happen. For this reason it is possible to choose the time that fit best with your need. (after that you spoke with your employer.

For i.e.

If you work more than 8h/day, you have right or 2 times 45 min or one times 90 min.

So it is possible to start to work 45 min later and finish 45 min before; or finish to work 90 min before.

In this time is possible to go at home and breastfeeding.


All the information concerning this post were provided by the office of employment protection of Franken. (Sozialer Arbeitsschutz)



Breastfeeding and work in Germany 1/2

In Germany is possible to breastfeed during the working hours.

This right is regulate by a law, the content of which I’m going to summarize in the paragraph below:

  • Two per day it is possible to breastfeed for 30 minute
  • if you work more than 8 h for day: you are allowed to breastfeed or use the breast pump twice for 45 minute or once 90 minutes.

These hours are payed 75% of your income.

Your company or your employer has to give the better condition to perform this action: a separate room to breastfeed or pump down your milk must be available and  also must be available a refrigerator where you can conserve your milk.

In this law there are no indications about the possibility to gather the working time and go earlier at home to feed your baby.


New update will be in the next post.


South-East Sicily visit with Children

A safe and pleasant place to visit with kids is the South-East Sicily.

Below you can find some quickly tips what you can visit:

1.Pantalica is a natural reserve located in the province of Syracuse. Pantalica is crossed by the river Anapo. Pantalica is also a necropolis of a thousand tombs that extend on the slopes and in the Anapo valley. To access the reserve there are two entrances one south and one in Nord. I advise you to get before that you arrive in a natural reserve a map of the area because not always you can find at the entrance. Inside this area there are no services therefore to go prepare something to eat and drink for children, hiking shoes and, if you want, a bikini for swimming in ponds inside the Pantalica. It will be useful to have a  no baby buggy. I like to visit this place because there is no pollution. Your children can run without worries and you feel these relationship with nature. I also like to go there and to explore with my children the cavern full of bats. And I really advice you this place if you like in your vacation one day of quite, relax and fun with your family.

2. A very beautiful beach close to Syracuse is: Arenella. You can find the free beach and beach club. If you want visit Siracusa it is really close to the city and the water is clear like a crystal.
3.Another beach close to Siracusa is Fontane Bianche, here you can find as well free beach (not to big) and beach club. Some beach clubs  have also a part with a pool and palm trees where you can have a rest with children from the hot heat.
4.Another extremely nice and clean beach, which is located inside the reserve Vendicari, is Eloro. Inside of  this nature reserve there are not services, and therefore it is necessary to bring the beach umbrella, and something to eat and to drink. But I advise you to visit this beach, because the water and the enviroment is very suggestive.
5.Another amazing beach is San Lorenzo. There you can go to the free beach or in one of the many clubs Beaches. The sea it has nothing to envy to many seas postcard. In addition, the seaside resort is just a few km from Marzamemi a really nice village where you can have a dinner, have a drink, or watch many summer events (cinema under the stars, wine or fish festivals.)
6.Another nice beach, with always water clear like a crystal is Portopalo sea. This city is the the southest city of Italy. It is even more south of Tunis. There you can enjoy the seaside and you can eat excellent fish.
7.Another suggestive and beautiful beach and is the island of the currents. There there are a very clean free beach and beach clubs. The small island is close to the beaches and it is possible to reach the island of the current by swimming or just soaking with water up to your chest. For children it is unique experience because they imagine to be like an exploratory that visit the abandoned island.
8.Another very beautiful beach and close to Pozzallo is Santa maria del Focallo. The beach and is very windy (an advantage in summer days) and there you can do kite surfing.
9.Another beach that I would recommend  is Vendicari, within the nature reserve where turtles lay their eggs. The advice I would give is to arrive early in the morning because to arrive to the beach you need to walk a little bit and if you go with the children it may be to hot. For this reason prepare water, food, beach umbrella.


Recipe: The Italian Pizza


• 1 kg of wheat flour
• 60 g salt
• 600 g of water
• 3 tablespoons of olive oil
• half a stick of yeast
• 900 gr of tomato pulp
• 300 g of mozzarella
• 150 g of Parmesan cheese
• a few drops of lemon bio
•a spoon of vegetable oil


Make a pyramid with the flour, on the top make a small hole and put half water and yeast. Start kneading, then add the more water and salt. Knead by hand and then use the  helical whips of the blender. Add the dough 7 drops of organic lemon  and reshuffle with helical whips. Put the dough in a bowl and cover it with a film. Put on bowl a blanket and leave for 3 hours. After 3 hours pick the dough and put it on the baking sheet that it is already greased with sunflower oilAdd the tomato sauce with a spoon and bake in a preheated oven at 280 degrees for 15-20 minutes. After 10 minutes, add the mozzarella and Parmesan to complete the cooking.


Need change

Yesterday I went to a shopping center to buy some dresses for Aurora. I stopped to breastfeeding in a coffee shop. While I breastfed I saw one of my friend of water aerobics for pregnant women. I greeted her but she did not see me. Anyway I was happy to see that she had a beautiful child but  I was shocked: she was unrecognizable (no makeup, hair disheveled, and dressed in drab way). Unbelievable up to 3 months ago she was completely different. After breakfast I went to change Antonio and looking in the mirror I realized that I looked  too like my friend of water aerobics (except hair, arranged only because the day before I had an exam for the job). Need change !!! I made up with a few make up that were left in the bag. For this reason today I decided to undertake a process of change, even if I do not know exactly how to structure it. I started with a facial mask and I danced a bit with Antonio.  Now I hope to do sports even at home with the baby and  study German. I want to improve this language because I think it’s the only way to be integrated in this nation. And however another language it always useful for the work.

Paint with children from 1-3 years

What you need:
• non-toxic colors, I use colours that you use to paint children’s hands or feet.
• newspaper

Put a little bit of colors on the sheet and show the child how to use the brush.

At first the child will not use the brush, he/she will tend to use their hands: to color with his  hands. Slowly will make some progress.

This activity It is very pleasant especially during the long winter days.