Anniversary in lockdown

The lockdown changed our habit. Here you can find some nice tips to celebrate your annniversary:

  • cook something special for the occasion. Choose your favorite dish: some suggestions could be: pasta with Scampi and pasta with Caviale and pistachios.
  • take the some time for you, to speak , to massage each other and to cuddle.
  • As a present choose one course That your partner always wanted to do. Some idea could be : a Comics course, a creative writing course, a paint course. Another possibility is to buy wine degustation.( the bottles will be delivered direct at your place and you can listen the live direct course and learn more about the flavour of the wine.

Enjoy the day

Choosing the secondary school

The secondary school is in Germany is a chose That occurres when the Child is 10 years old.
it is a difficult chiuse Because in my opinione the Child are Not enough mature for this choise. By the way since we haven’t the possibility to change it . We should try to adapt and to reach in the best way.
First Information That I got and I think it could be useful for you is:

for all the secondary school the amount of Hours for German and Math are the Same. Second some school have more secondary schools: like humanistic, scientific approach and the Final choise about the Type could be choosen at the 6-7th years. This is offer an Advanced, That your Child has more Time taking the decision. Die
here below: You can find a List of secondary school in Nürnberg.

  • Melanchon – , Sulzbacher Strasse 32, In Zentralbibliothek, Untergeschlossen.
  • Dürer: sielstr.177-18-> sekretariat der Schule , zi 108, 1 Stock
  • Hans-Sachs Gymnasium, Löbleinstr, 10 -> Schulenbibliothek, 2 Stock zi 214 and 217
    -Martin-Behaim Gymnasium, schultheißalle, 1 , in der Bibliotek , in ewrdgeschoss
  • Neues Gymnasium, Weddigenstrasse 21, sekretariat, zi124, Online Voranmeldung möglich
  • Pickheimer-Gymnasium, Gibtzenhofstrasse 151, sekretariat vn Schule or Online
  • Sigmund Schuckert, Pommernstr, 10-> check Homepage
  • Willstätter Gymnasium, Innerer Laufer Platz 11, 2 Stock, Zi 217, Voramendung online möglich
  • Bertolt-Breckt Schule, Bertolt-Breckt strasse 39sekretariat
  • Johannes sScharrer gymnasium, Telzelgasse, 20, Zi 122 ( Neubau 1 Stock)
  • Labenwolf Gymnasium, labenwolfstr, 10, Zi 16, Altbau, 1 Stock
  • Peter Vischer, Bielingplatz 2, sekretariat der schule 1 og, Zi 107, voranAnmedung möglich
  • Sigena Gymnasium, Gibitzenhofstrasse, 135,Sekretariar der Schule

Acroyoga for Family

  • I like to try new things with my family. I think it is important to stimulate children with new inputs. It is important to give to your child the opportunity to experiment different activities and put him/her in contact with new people and in a new environment. Last week I tried a course with my family. It was a workshop: Acroyoga for family. 4 Hours of workshop where in a funny way, your children are starting the contact with acroyoga. The environment was really nice, the teachers where great! It was stimulating and funny. I am looking forward for the next event.

Pint of Science Nuernberg

With some friends : We are organizing the pintofscience Event. A word festival that bring some of the most brilliant scientists to your local pub. ( due to Cov-19 this year is online, Zoom App ). Please Save the Date:7th of September at 18.00.The Event is free of charge. It will be a pleasure  if you will take Part. Hope to See you soon

Nuremberg Pop Festival

For the parents ( as me) that  they want to listen music with their children my advice is to go to the pop festival  nuremberg. It is really nice there are different bands and it is comfortable to go with children.

For the children it was fun, they dance a lot’s , they saw different type of instruments and they really enjoyed.  There are several places where you can listen music with them, but my advice is to go the New Museum because there is a lot’s of space for them to play and to dance.

Pole: after birth how to gain again right shape and self-confident

I love the pole. It is the right sport for me, I like it because I can relax , I have this impression that I am not a working mum and that I don’t spend all the time with children or at work. But it remembers me that I am a woman.

I like to develop my strength day by day , increase my elasticity and build-up friendship with people that share the same interest.

After my second baby, I didn’t fit anymore in my nice clothes, so I decided to try to practice the pole for 31 days and see if I have some results.

Checks in the pregnancy

First trimester pregnancy:
  • Exam: Pregnancy test (after the first day of delay)
    it is a test that measures the Beta HCG hormone, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is the hormone secreted by some cells of the future placenta as soon as the embryo is installed in the uterine wall, immediately after conception. This hormone, absent in the unfertilized woman, is traceable about eight days after fertilization.
  • Exam: nuchal translucency test. (Between weeks 10 and 14)
    It is used to evaluate the percentage of probability of possible malformations of the fetus.
  • Exam: Urine test (one every month)
    It is used to verify that the woman has not contracted urinary tract infections.
  • Exam: Blood test (one every month)
    It is used to verify that the blood values ​​are normal.
  • Exam: Coombs test. (if you have the negative RH factor, every month)
    It is used to verify that the blood values ​​are normal.
  • Exam: Ultrasound. (one every quarter)
    The first ultrasound: used to verify that the baby’s heart beats (weeks 6 and 11)
    The second ultrasound: morphology, to verify that all the organs of the child are functioning correctly and to evaluate if there are any malformations (weeks 20-22)
    The third ultrasound: to verify that pregnancy proceeds normally and that the child is developing correctly (weeks 28-37)
  • Exam: Weight control (every month)It is used to verify that the pregnant woman does not increase its weight exponentially. In fact, the saying that we must eat for two is not true. An excessive weight loss could negatively affect the health of the fetus.
  • Exam: Pressure control (every month). It is used to verify during pregnancy the woman’s pressure does not change with respect to the normal values.
  • Exam: Bi-test and Tri-test. (week 11-14). These are two types of maternal blood samples and give statistical results on the probability of having children with malformations and chromosomal abnormalities.
Second-trimester pregnancy exams:
  • Exam: O’Sullivan test or curve and glycemic minicurva (weeks 24 and 28)
    It is used to verify that the woman does not contract gestational diabetes. (glycemic curve).
  • Exam: Cordocentosis (weeks 18-20)
    It is used to check for any chromosomal abnormalities found in amniocentesis. (consists of fetal blood).
  • Exam: Amniocentesis and Villocentesis (weeks 15-18)
    It is used to check for any chromosomal abnormalities found in the fetus.
  • Exam: Morphological (weeks 15-18)
    It is used to check that all the baby’s organs are working properly and to evaluate if there are any malformations.


Third-trimester pregnancy exams:
  • Exam: Ultrasound (weeks 28-37)
    It is used to verify that pregnancy proceeds normally and that the child is developing correctly.
  • Exam: Vaginal-rectal swab (from weeks 35)
    It is used to detect the presence of beta-hemolytic Streptococcus group B or Streptococcus agalactiae, a bacterium harmless to the mother and the fetus but potentially dangerous for the baby at birth.
  • Exam: Monitoring of the fetal heartbeat (from weeks 40)
    It is used to evaluate the state of health of the fetus. An absolutely regular, constant beat is not a sign of good health. On the contrary: if the baby’s beat is variable during a few minutes it means that the baby is fine.

Germanistisches museum Nuremeberg: famous painting for children.

Every two weeks  on Sunday at the Germanistic museum: it is possible to spend 90 minutes  painting. It is a nice activity for children (4-12 years).

The guide explains briefly the life of the picture and the style. The painting topic is usually an animal or plant. After this introduction the children can reproduce on their canvas the painting and take it at home.


When , if not now! It is blooming period

Sometimes it happens. You are happy with small things. That’s happened to me today.

My little on is ill since one week , and it was a tough period because I slept 1 h and after I went to work. But today , that I took the  child illness, it was an amazing day. I didn’t do anything to special , I basically stayed at home all the time with my ill little boy, but it was a special day somehow. Infact I had a lunch with my children during the week. And I really enjoyed to stay with them to easily play with them, without the pressure to run always somewhere.

In the evening my daughter (the oldest), helped me to cook my favourite Vietnamese food.It was really a simple but perfect day.

Find a nursery place

An important support for a working mum is a nursery place. When I moved to Germany, it was not so easy to find a nursery place in Nuremberg. Not all the nursery are accepting children in the middle of year( usually they are giving places in Sep) and not all the nursery are accepting children younger than one year. That’s in my opinion is a great limitation, because without a nursery place it is difficult to look for a job, to taking part to a german course. Fortunately I found an office in Nuremberg ( there is one in each city) that is supporting parents to find a nursery place. The woman responsible for the office is really competent, efficient and effective. She helped me to find a nursery place. She is speaking german and english.

I am strongly advice to contact this office in order to get support to find a nursery place.

Please find below: the contact of the nursery office:

Servicestelle Kitaplatz

Dietzstraße 4

EG, Zimmer 032 und 002

90443 Nürnberg

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel


Telefax: 09 11 / 2 31-1 06 43

Zur verschlüsselten Übertragung Ihrer Nachricht:






Mo / Di / Do: 8.30 – 12 Uhr und 13 – 15.30 Uhr
Mi / Fr: 8.30 Uhr – 12.30 Uhr
und Termine nach Vereinbarung

Christine Gräf

Telefon: 09 11 / 2 31-1 04 44