Nuremberg Pop Festival

For the parents ( as me) that  they want to listen music with their children my advice is to go to the pop festival  nuremberg. It is really nice there are different bands and it is comfortable to go with children.

For the children it was fun, they dance a lot’s , they saw different type of instruments and they really enjoyed.  There are several places where you can listen music with them, but my advice is to go the New Museum because there is a lot’s of space for them to play and to dance.

When , if not now! It is blooming period

Sometimes it happens. You are happy with small things. That’s happened to me today.

My little on is ill since one week , and it was a tough period because I slept 1 h and after I went to work. But today , that I took the  child illness, it was an amazing day. I didn’t do anything to special , I basically stayed at home all the time with my ill little boy, but it was a special day somehow. Infact I had a lunch with my children during the week. And I really enjoyed to stay with them to easily play with them, without the pressure to run always somewhere.

In the evening my daughter (the oldest), helped me to cook my favourite Vietnamese food.It was really a simple but perfect day.

Mamadventure group

I’d like to create a group, based in Nuremberg, for the moms who are willing to do the activities with their children.

The idea would be to organize activities such as camping, travel, sports with their children.

The purpose is to create a group of mothers who share different experiences outside of normal daily life.

I am glad to have your proposals.

Trip to France: one month camping with kids

Lose weight: Changing your mindset

I listened a interesting TED Talks about how change your mindset has an effect on your body.

You have to start to consider all the activietise that you perform with your children and after considering them you will lose weight for free.

We did a lots of “exercise” with our children:  we carry them, we play with them, we clean the house, we put all the toys in the right places.

All the activities have one impact in our  metabolism. If we start to consider them and  we will enjoy more play with our children ( burning free calories :)).



The trapezist

We moms are all like a trapezist, always making a thousand tricks to complete everything without falling. It is challenging but, it is a beautiful work that it gives a lot of satisfaction. I like the idea that a mum always smiles for her children like a trapezes smiles for her audience for not to note that to put everything together require to many efforts.

Live out your dreams

Not everything happens by accident: I found an extract from my diary that I had proposed:

“Since I started my university my dream was to found a company. As a young woman the aim was to create a business, to be rich. I am continuing now to have the same dream but I think that the purpose is different. It is not to get rich but to create technologies that can radical change the way we think about healthcare.

The idea born after reading an article in Internationale (one of my favorite magazines): about a man who patented a way to produce absorbent in a cheap way (entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganatham). The amazing thing is that this man instead of thinking to became rich themselves, it preferred to spread this method to improve the living conditions of many women.

Reading this article gave me the hope that it is possible to create something without following strictly the laws of capitalism. After all we women definitely work to support the economic conditions of our families but especially because we want to look in the mirror and see something worthwhile. “

Christkindlmarkt, Christmasmark

During the Christmastime Nuremberg if full of lights and colours.

2016-11-28-13_35_00-risultato-della-ricerca-immagini-di-google-per-http___tourismus-nuernberg-de_imaThe principal activity is in the city center, in the Markt Platz (Hauptmarkt Platz). There is possible to see a wonderful Christmasmarket. There are a lots of small wood houses where you can buy handmade products like the glass Christmas balls. It is also possible to eat some tipical “frankische” Food and drink some warm wine from a traditional “Christchild” cup.

Close to the principal square,in the Hans-Sachs-Platz there is the children market.

2016-11-28-13_35_27-risultato-della-ricerca-immagini-di-google-per-http___tourismus-nuernberg-de_imaThese market is full of carousels, trains, swings, childrens ferris wheels. It is possible to do different attivities with yours childrens:

  • decorate colours candles
  • decorate and bake biscuits
  • meet the Christ child and go for a ride with him.




kindermarktThese activities make your afternoon amazing.


About me


My name is Giovanna and I am 31 years old. I am the mum of two amazing and wonderful children ( 5 years old and 10 months.) I am a full time worker and I live far away of my original family. I am sicilian or better I should say I am European, born in Siracusa and since 3 years and half I am living with my children  and my husband in Germany.

In the last 5 years I lived and worked in 3 different countries: Italy, England and Germany. I am writing this blog because I would like that It will be a platform between mothers to change information , to find advices about education of children, about development of children.  For me use this blog is a way to relaborate  my adventure of mother-trapezist. (always  smiling even if I am in precarious equilibrium).

I also hope that this web site is a way to help other mothers that move to other country with their children or that they are easily travel with their children.