Another weekend as housekeeping

It’s almost Monday and the feeling is always the same that the weekend is too short!!!

Weather is gray , it’s not inspiring for walk or some activities outside. Today I went out just for putting some solar light on the balcony. Cooking, tidy up, fortunately playing with the children and playing a little bit of piano. I really did not like cleaning and tidy up, I just see as a continuous activity that’s never ending. I would like to spend my time in reading or in. Studying interesting topic as quantum computing. A nice activity that I like is curating the two newsletters : startups events in Nuremberg and food and technology. I like the idea that every week almost 4000 readers around the world getting inspired by the article’s that I selected. For me be a curator is an opportunity for be updated and read and get inspired with new technologies. I would like invest more resources and time in this activity , like: contact all the curator of and exchange opinions in order to create new opportunities for the readers.
I’ll put on the do list for 2022.

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