Choosing the secondary school

The secondary school is in Germany is a chose That occurres when the Child is 10 years old.
it is a difficult chiuse Because in my opinione the Child are Not enough mature for this choise. By the way since we haven’t the possibility to change it . We should try to adapt and to reach in the best way.
First Information That I got and I think it could be useful for you is:

for all the secondary school the amount of Hours for German and Math are the Same. Second some school have more secondary schools: like humanistic, scientific approach and the Final choise about the Type could be choosen at the 6-7th years. This is offer an Advanced, That your Child has more Time taking the decision. Die
here below: You can find a List of secondary school in Nürnberg.

  • Melanchon – , Sulzbacher Strasse 32, In Zentralbibliothek, Untergeschlossen.
  • Dürer: sielstr.177-18-> sekretariat der Schule , zi 108, 1 Stock
  • Hans-Sachs Gymnasium, Löbleinstr, 10 -> Schulenbibliothek, 2 Stock zi 214 and 217
    -Martin-Behaim Gymnasium, schultheißalle, 1 , in der Bibliotek , in ewrdgeschoss
  • Neues Gymnasium, Weddigenstrasse 21, sekretariat, zi124, Online Voranmeldung möglich
  • Pickheimer-Gymnasium, Gibtzenhofstrasse 151, sekretariat vn Schule or Online
  • Sigmund Schuckert, Pommernstr, 10-> check Homepage
  • Willstätter Gymnasium, Innerer Laufer Platz 11, 2 Stock, Zi 217, Voramendung online möglich
  • Bertolt-Breckt Schule, Bertolt-Breckt strasse 39sekretariat
  • Johannes sScharrer gymnasium, Telzelgasse, 20, Zi 122 ( Neubau 1 Stock)
  • Labenwolf Gymnasium, labenwolfstr, 10, Zi 16, Altbau, 1 Stock
  • Peter Vischer, Bielingplatz 2, sekretariat der schule 1 og, Zi 107, voranAnmedung möglich
  • Sigena Gymnasium, Gibitzenhofstrasse, 135,Sekretariar der Schule

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