About me


My name is Giovanna and I am 31 years old. I am the mum of two amazing and wonderful children ( 5 years old and 10 months.) I am a full time worker and I live far away of my original family. I am sicilian or better I should say I am European, born in Siracusa and since 3 years and half I am living with my children  and my husband in Germany.

In the last 5 years I lived and worked in 3 different countries: Italy, England and Germany. I am writing this blog because I would like that It will be a platform between mothers to change information , to find advices about education of children, about development of children.  For me use this blog is a way to relaborate  my adventure of mother-trapezist. (always  smiling even if I am in precarious equilibrium).

I also hope that this web site is a way to help other mothers that move to other country with their children or that they are easily travel with their children.