Germanistisches museum Nuremeberg: famous painting for children.

Every two weeks  on Sunday at the Germanistic museum: it is possible to spend 90 minutes  painting. It is a nice activity for children (4-12 years).

The guide explains briefly the life of the picture and the style. The painting topic is usually an animal or plant. After this introduction the children can reproduce on their canvas the painting and take it at home.


Learning toy for children

To improve the manual ocular coordination and fine motor skills of your child you can build a iterative small wooden board.


1.Two wooden bars of 1 meter .
2. Two wooden boards of the same size.
3  mirror
4. haircuts
5. brush
6. boxes
8. a sponge
9. phone
10. a light switch
11. a pacifier.

Fix the 2 bars to the wall. Please take care that the bars are not positioned to high. Fix the two boars on the two bars.

Glue the objects (i.e. mirror, sponge) on the boars.  Let´s play 🙂




Gardening with children

Spring is coming: It is time to plant flowers or fruit,as strawberries, with your children.

Give small hoes to the children and help them to make holes in the ground. They will plant flowers, vegetables and strawberries.

This activity is very useful because children make to feel responsible. Children will start to take care of plants i.e. they will give to them water. I also find this activity very useful for children who do not eat vegetables. At least it works for my child. We decided to plant vegetables: seeds of peas, tomatoes or lettuce. My child sees this vegetables and when the vegetables were ready she start to eat them.
I also tell her fantastic tales, where children were protagonists. These children have superpowers, they take them from healthy vegetables 🙂 .

Children learn to cook

A nice activity to do with your children is: prepare meatballs. It also nice to do it when some friends of your child came to visit you.


  • 500 gr milled meat
  • 100 gr milled parmigiano
  • 50 gr  bread crumbs
  • 1 egg


Ask to the children to mix all the ingredients together.

Ask to the children to do some meatballs.

Put in the oven ( 200 C) for 15 minutes.


Children clean up their room with fun

How can your children clean up their room without complaining?  Make a list of activities that your children have to do and each time that your child completes one activity you give him a star.

In my experience scolding  is counter productive.

One method that I find very useful for children under 6 years is: make a list of activities that you want that your child does.

Every time your child will complete one activity give him a star.

As soon as the child has reached 10 stars he will be entitled to a have a small present or to have some coins for his/her piggy bank.

Alternatively the child can choose to continue to collect the stars up to a total of 20. As soon as the child has reached 20 starts he can choose a fun park where to go with his family during the week end.

I find this an efficient technique for two motivation:

  1. the child is motivated to assume the correct behavior ( he wants to collect the stars);
  2. during the week end you have the possibility to spend nice time with your family in a activities fun park.


Here is a sample of a list of activities :
• clean up our room
• wash teeth
• give the food to a pet
• eat vegetables or fruit
• build a lego
• homeworks (for children of the last year of nursery)
• read a story with mum or dad

Note :
The choice of  activities is crucial: choose some activities that your child love (eg draw) to compensate some activities that he likes less (clean up his room).

Further advice:  write the list of activities together with your child.

Paint with children from 1-3 years

What you need:
• non-toxic colors, I use colours that you use to paint children’s hands or feet.
• newspaper

Put a little bit of colors on the sheet and show the child how to use the brush.

At first the child will not use the brush, he/she will tend to use their hands: to color with his  hands. Slowly will make some progress.

This activity It is very pleasant especially during the long winter days.