Mom works in Italy

Maternity protection:

The law protects the working mother in the different stages of pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life.

First, the health of female workers is protected, she cannot perform dangerous work from the beginning of pregnancy and until the seventh month of age of the child, as well sash cannot work in the night (from 24 to 6).

The law also provides the obligation to abstain from work for the working of two months before the expected date of delivery, up to three months after (though is the possibility to abstain in a time before the two months preceding the expected date of delivery – in certain health conditions of the working – or the month before the expected date of childbirth and the next four months), with the right to 80% of pay (i.e .maternity leave).
In case of death or serious illness of the mother, it is possible for the father takes the paternity leave or have a part time work.

By Law 92/2012 of the law of the job was reformed., it was also introduced, on a trial basis for the 2013-2015 triennium, the father has a obligation to abstain from work for one day within 5 months after birth. The law 208/2015 (SO-CALLED 2016 Stability Law) the obligation to abstain is two days.

Both parents have the right to take time off work also simultaneously within the first years of a child’s life (parental leave).


Milena Sanzaro.