Children clean up their room with fun

How can your children clean up their room without complaining?  Make a list of activities that your children have to do and each time that your child completes one activity you give him a star.

In my experience scolding  is counter productive.

One method that I find very useful for children under 6 years is: make a list of activities that you want that your child does.

Every time your child will complete one activity give him a star.

As soon as the child has reached 10 stars he will be entitled to a have a small present or to have some coins for his/her piggy bank.

Alternatively the child can choose to continue to collect the stars up to a total of 20. As soon as the child has reached 20 starts he can choose a fun park where to go with his family during the week end.

I find this an efficient technique for two motivation:

  1. the child is motivated to assume the correct behavior ( he wants to collect the stars);
  2. during the week end you have the possibility to spend nice time with your family in a activities fun park.


Here is a sample of a list of activities :
• clean up our room
• wash teeth
• give the food to a pet
• eat vegetables or fruit
• build a lego
• homeworks (for children of the last year of nursery)
• read a story with mum or dad

Note :
The choice of  activities is crucial: choose some activities that your child love (eg draw) to compensate some activities that he likes less (clean up his room).

Further advice:  write the list of activities together with your child.