Breastfeeding and work in Germany 1/2

In Germany is possible to breastfeed during the working hours.

This right is regulate by a law, the content of which I’m going to summarize in the paragraph below:

  • Two per day it is possible to breastfeed for 30 minute
  • if you work more than 8 h for day: you are allowed to breastfeed or use the breast pump twice for 45 minute or once 90 minutes.

These hours are payed 75% of your income.

Your company or your employer has to give the better condition to perform this action: a separate room to breastfeed or pump down your milk must be available and  also must be available a refrigerator where you can conserve your milk.

In this law there are no indications about the possibility to gather the working time and go earlier at home to feed your baby.


New update will be in the next post.