Gardening with children

Spring is coming: It is time to plant flowers or fruit,as strawberries, with your children.

Give small hoes to the children and help them to make holes in the ground. They will plant flowers, vegetables and strawberries.

This activity is very useful because children make to feel responsible. Children will start to take care of plants i.e. they will give to them water. I also find this activity very useful for children who do not eat vegetables. At least it works for my child. We decided to plant vegetables: seeds of peas, tomatoes or lettuce. My child sees this vegetables and when the vegetables were ready she start to eat them.
I also tell her fantastic tales, where children were protagonists. These children have superpowers, they take them from healthy vegetables 🙂 .

Children learn to cook

A nice activity to do with your children is: prepare meatballs. It also nice to do it when some friends of your child came to visit you.


  • 500 gr milled meat
  • 100 gr milled parmigiano
  • 50 gr  bread crumbs
  • 1 egg


Ask to the children to mix all the ingredients together.

Ask to the children to do some meatballs.

Put in the oven ( 200 C) for 15 minutes.


Mamadventure group

I’d like to create a group, based in Nuremberg, for the moms who are willing to do the activities with their children.

The idea would be to organize activities such as camping, travel, sports with their children.

The purpose is to create a group of mothers who share different experiences outside of normal daily life.

I am glad to have your proposals.

Trip to France: one month camping with kids

How to get in shape before summer

A pregnancy leads  always extra pounds.

Here are some practical tips to lose weight and rebuild muscle tone.

  1. Download an application that counts calories and marks the percentage of food that you have eaten. I use FatSecret. It is very useful because you got an overview of the foods that eat in your daily diet. For example in my case I realized I was eating too many carbohydrates and few fruits and vegetables.
  2. Go running together with your child. Take advantage of the nice days and run with the stroller with your child. I love run in front of my house along the river. Antonio is very happy, he likes watching the trees, watching the ducks that swim along the river. Run for five minutes more than in your limit. Bring with you: water for you and for your child, cookies, a jacket for you just in case your child wants to go out from his stellar. you will not take the risk of catching cold.
  3. Search a sport close to your home. Here in Nuremberg for example there is an association of Sport Post Sv. It is possible to subscribe the whole family. There are many points in Nuremberg where you can pratics sport. One course is 45 minutes and I find it very practical for mothers because it is easy to find 45 minutes in one week. Moreover in this association there is the possibility to apply for one place for your children during the  slot of time where you are doing sport. (The child must be at least 18 months).
  4. Weigh and measure yourself. Make a realistic estimate of how much weight do you want to lose. Repeats the same operation one month later.

Mom works in Italy

Maternity protection:

The law protects the working mother in the different stages of pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life.

First, the health of female workers is protected, she cannot perform dangerous work from the beginning of pregnancy and until the seventh month of age of the child, as well sash cannot work in the night (from 24 to 6).

The law also provides the obligation to abstain from work for the working of two months before the expected date of delivery, up to three months after (though is the possibility to abstain in a time before the two months preceding the expected date of delivery – in certain health conditions of the working – or the month before the expected date of childbirth and the next four months), with the right to 80% of pay (i.e .maternity leave).
In case of death or serious illness of the mother, it is possible for the father takes the paternity leave or have a part time work.

By Law 92/2012 of the law of the job was reformed., it was also introduced, on a trial basis for the 2013-2015 triennium, the father has a obligation to abstain from work for one day within 5 months after birth. The law 208/2015 (SO-CALLED 2016 Stability Law) the obligation to abstain is two days.

Both parents have the right to take time off work also simultaneously within the first years of a child’s life (parental leave).


Milena Sanzaro.

Lose weight: Changing your mindset

I listened a interesting TED Talks about how change your mindset has an effect on your body.

You have to start to consider all the activietise that you perform with your children and after considering them you will lose weight for free.

We did a lots of “exercise” with our children:  we carry them, we play with them, we clean the house, we put all the toys in the right places.

All the activities have one impact in our  metabolism. If we start to consider them and  we will enjoy more play with our children ( burning free calories :)).



The trapezist

We moms are all like a trapezist, always making a thousand tricks to complete everything without falling. It is challenging but, it is a beautiful work that it gives a lot of satisfaction. I like the idea that a mum always smiles for her children like a trapezes smiles for her audience for not to note that to put everything together require to many efforts.

Children clean up their room with fun

How can your children clean up their room without complaining?  Make a list of activities that your children have to do and each time that your child completes one activity you give him a star.

In my experience scolding  is counter productive.

One method that I find very useful for children under 6 years is: make a list of activities that you want that your child does.

Every time your child will complete one activity give him a star.

As soon as the child has reached 10 stars he will be entitled to a have a small present or to have some coins for his/her piggy bank.

Alternatively the child can choose to continue to collect the stars up to a total of 20. As soon as the child has reached 20 starts he can choose a fun park where to go with his family during the week end.

I find this an efficient technique for two motivation:

  1. the child is motivated to assume the correct behavior ( he wants to collect the stars);
  2. during the week end you have the possibility to spend nice time with your family in a activities fun park.


Here is a sample of a list of activities :
• clean up our room
• wash teeth
• give the food to a pet
• eat vegetables or fruit
• build a lego
• homeworks (for children of the last year of nursery)
• read a story with mum or dad

Note :
The choice of  activities is crucial: choose some activities that your child love (eg draw) to compensate some activities that he likes less (clean up his room).

Further advice:  write the list of activities together with your child.

Live out your dreams

Not everything happens by accident: I found an extract from my diary that I had proposed:

“Since I started my university my dream was to found a company. As a young woman the aim was to create a business, to be rich. I am continuing now to have the same dream but I think that the purpose is different. It is not to get rich but to create technologies that can radical change the way we think about healthcare.

The idea born after reading an article in Internationale (one of my favorite magazines): about a man who patented a way to produce absorbent in a cheap way (entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganatham). The amazing thing is that this man instead of thinking to became rich themselves, it preferred to spread this method to improve the living conditions of many women.

Reading this article gave me the hope that it is possible to create something without following strictly the laws of capitalism. After all we women definitely work to support the economic conditions of our families but especially because we want to look in the mirror and see something worthwhile. “