Piadina is the symbol of Romagna a historical region of northern Italy. Piadina is a wrap bread similar to the Mexican2016-10-26-15_58_19-piadina-romagnola Tortilla which can be filled with salami, cheese, vegetables, but also sweet things like honey and Nutella. In the traditional Romagna’s cousin piadina is also on the table as bread for the main courses. Here my favorite recipe for piadina.


Ingredients for 8 piadine:

1Kg                 Flour type 550

600ml              Water

2 tbs                Lard (an alternative is 4 tbs Olive Oil)

2 tsp                Salt

5 tsp                Baking powder

A picture with all the basic ingredients.

2016-10-26-16_01_41-piadina-romagnolaWarm (up to 50°C) the water together with lard (or olive oil).

2016-10-26-16_03_31-piadina-romagnolaPut the flour on the table (or in a ball like in the picture). Add the salt and the baking powder by avoiding them being in contact from the beginning (i.e. put them in two different places of the flour).2016-10-26-16_03_56-piadina-romagnolaAdd the water gradually while kneading up to get a thick dough like the one in the picture.


You can leave the dough in the sealed plastic bag for half an hour, but if you are in hurry you can skip this step.

2016-10-26-16_04_47-piadina-romagnolaRoll the dough as a Pizza and bake it on a thin steel pan. After three times that you flipped the piadina this should be ready. Let it cool it down vertically.


Then enjoy your piadina!

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