Fashion Restaurant: yes please

WHO is telling that once you have children is not possible to go out in nice restaurant with children?Of course is more demanding and you need to take some entrainment toys for them, but it is nice to spend some time as a family speaking and doing some table game together . The right compromise is to share different experiences with the children ; from some that are designed for them and other that’s not. This type of education is increasing the flexibility as the skills to adapt .

Almost 2 year pandemic

Germany is going again in an indirect of lockdown again. The news is not even effecting me: what I learnt in these years is to quickly adapt to new situation and most importance thing enjoy the moment. I am still remember the first time (school vacation may) I was able to sleep again in one hotel. The children were so excited to sleep in a new room, even if we were all together. Or the first time that it was possible to drink a cappuccino in a bar. The smell of coffee and the laugh of the persons: joy was the feeling. Joy to stay together, to speak with another human being.

This feeling is make me feel happy, even if I am going to be isolated again.

The fridge is always empty

I don‘t know you but my fridge is always empty. We are always buying Food, but somehow , maybe due to the fact That we are all at Home we are eating everything. Maybe some tips: could be useful :

  • Buy online food
  • use some service how: hello fresh: basically they are delivering to your flat food and receipts
  • Buy organic food from some farm close to you. You will improve the quality of the food, and they will take to you regularly. I am using Abokiste. I like it , because I can order some meat and vegetables when I need it.

Decide how to handle Situation

You can feel desperate That you have children at Home and a Full Time Job. Or you can feel bless you, as me. I am so lucky that , despite the Pandemic , I have a job and I have beautiful children , with a lot‘s of new Ideas.

my Living room is during the Morning an Office and during the evening : a Gym or a Cinema .

Doesn‘t matter if the Flat is destroyed, if you are cooking 6 meals pro day; it is just a Little part of your Life and as all in comple of years. You will miss this Phase. So is io to you enjoy it or not.

Explore the City around you

With the new restrictions, we have the limitations of 15 km . A Good way to find nice paths close to you is : the Komoot application.
I like it, because I can set the distance , the timing and I always find some small „thresholds“ close to your door.
In Nürnberg , in the erlestegen forest , you can find in the middle of the Forest some Sand Dunes.

Once you arrived there , you can organize with your children a game: children in one Team and adults in another Team. You neeed two walkie – talkie.

the game is consisting with the children that hide them self and the parents that following the indication of them; they are looking for them. It is really funny and in this way you will have the possibility to move a lot.

Esercises and pregnancy in lockdown

During the pregnancy, it is really important to keep moving. In this period where the lockdown is limiting activities and the possibility to do sport una gym or in one swimming pool. An alternative , it could be to plan a fix time for a walk close to your flat. I am lucky, I am living close to the river and a forest and in the middle time close to the city center. I have the possibility to walk a lot. Unfortunately sometimes I cannot find the time to schedule a little walk. With homeschooling and nursery close and a normal working day, it is difficult for me during the week find a spot of time for a walk.

A way it could be to stop to work for lunch time and go for a walk for 40 minutes. It is not so much but it is better than nothing. During a walk a really like to listen posdcast. My favourite postcast is one of the Montessori . It give useful tips in order to be a better parent and growing a self confidence child.

Evening in the family during the lockdown

A nice way to spend the evening with your children is table games.

if you have children with different ages organise them in group and play with them. It is so nice to play together, to take the opportunity to spend some time with them . In addition you can also organise with them a performance of theatre. You can invent with them a plot. Try couple of time , then draw the tickets and make the presentation for them. It will be a quite and exciting evening .

Choosing the secondary school

The secondary school is in Germany is a chose That occurres when the Child is 10 years old.
it is a difficult chiuse Because in my opinione the Child are Not enough mature for this choise. By the way since we haven’t the possibility to change it . We should try to adapt and to reach in the best way.
First Information That I got and I think it could be useful for you is:

for all the secondary school the amount of Hours for German and Math are the Same. Second some school have more secondary schools: like humanistic, scientific approach and the Final choise about the Type could be choosen at the 6-7th years. This is offer an Advanced, That your Child has more Time taking the decision. Die
here below: You can find a List of secondary school in Nürnberg.

  • Melanchon – , Sulzbacher Strasse 32, In Zentralbibliothek, Untergeschlossen.
  • Dürer: sielstr.177-18-> sekretariat der Schule , zi 108, 1 Stock
  • Hans-Sachs Gymnasium, Löbleinstr, 10 -> Schulenbibliothek, 2 Stock zi 214 and 217
    -Martin-Behaim Gymnasium, schultheißalle, 1 , in der Bibliotek , in ewrdgeschoss
  • Neues Gymnasium, Weddigenstrasse 21, sekretariat, zi124, Online Voranmeldung möglich
  • Pickheimer-Gymnasium, Gibtzenhofstrasse 151, sekretariat vn Schule or Online
  • Sigmund Schuckert, Pommernstr, 10-> check Homepage
  • Willstätter Gymnasium, Innerer Laufer Platz 11, 2 Stock, Zi 217, Voramendung online möglich
  • Bertolt-Breckt Schule, Bertolt-Breckt strasse 39sekretariat
  • Johannes sScharrer gymnasium, Telzelgasse, 20, Zi 122 ( Neubau 1 Stock)
  • Labenwolf Gymnasium, labenwolfstr, 10, Zi 16, Altbau, 1 Stock
  • Peter Vischer, Bielingplatz 2, sekretariat der schule 1 og, Zi 107, voranAnmedung möglich
  • Sigena Gymnasium, Gibitzenhofstrasse, 135,Sekretariar der Schule

Pint of Science Nuernberg

With some friends : We are organizing the pintofscience Event. A word festival that bring some of the most brilliant scientists to your local pub. ( due to Cov-19 this year is online, Zoom App ). Please Save the Date:7th of September at 18.00.The Event is free of charge. It will be a pleasure  if you will take Part. Hope to See you soon