Post childbirth: children activities from 0 to 12 months

Post childbirth is a very tough period. For the mother and for the father. I underestimated this period; I was more worried about the birth and the fact that my pussy had to change his form in a way so unnatural. This worry leads me to underestimate the consequences of Post childbirth.

First of all I was no prepared to breastfeeding. Nobody told me that it should be painful at the beginning. For instance breastfeeding should be less painful if you applied almond oil. I was no prepared as well as to have a small beautiful baby that he is depending completely by you. It was also difficult stay at home. I was used to work all the day and from one point to another I had no more contact with other adults.

For this motivation I looked for different activities in the city where I lived.

Here below you can find some tips I hope that they can help you to enjoy your post childbirth period: