Find a nursery place

An important support for a working mum is a nursery place. When I moved to Germany, it was not so easy to find a nursery place in Nuremberg. Not all the nursery are accepting children in the middle of year( usually they are giving places in Sep) and not all the nursery are accepting children younger than one year. That’s in my opinion is a great limitation, because without a nursery place it is difficult to look for a job, to taking part to a german course. Fortunately I found an office in Nuremberg ( there is one in each city) that is supporting parents to find a nursery place. The woman responsible for the office is really competent, efficient and effective. She helped me to find a nursery place. She is speaking german and english.

I am strongly advice to contact this office in order to get support to find a nursery place.

Please find below: the contact of the nursery office:

Servicestelle Kitaplatz

Dietzstraße 4

EG, Zimmer 032 und 002

90443 Nürnberg

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel


Telefax: 09 11 / 2 31-1 06 43

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Mo / Di / Do: 8.30 – 12 Uhr und 13 – 15.30 Uhr
Mi / Fr: 8.30 Uhr – 12.30 Uhr
und Termine nach Vereinbarung

Christine Gräf

Telefon: 09 11 / 2 31-1 04 44