Acroyoga for Family

  • I like to try new things with my family. I think it is important to stimulate children with new inputs. It is important to give to your child the opportunity to experiment different activities and put him/her in contact with new people and in a new environment. Last week I tried a course with my family. It was a workshop: Acroyoga for family. 4 Hours of workshop where in a funny way, your children are starting the contact with acroyoga. The environment was really nice, the teachers where great! It was stimulating and funny. I am looking forward for the next event.

Ready to the school: find a childcare place in Nuremberg

A new important stage of your children life begins: School.
Working parents are worried to find a place during the school holidays.
In fact, in Germany your child will have 13 weeks of vacation every year and you actually 6 weeks.

Here are some tips where to find a camping sport during the holidays school in Nuremberg:
• A school camp: the child will play many sports activities. Click on the Post SV link
• Activities  playground where it is also possible to build wooden houses. Here you can find the link.