Another weekend as housekeeping

It’s almost Monday and the feeling is always the same that the weekend is too short!!!

Weather is gray , it’s not inspiring for walk or some activities outside. Today I went out just for putting some solar light on the balcony. Cooking, tidy up, fortunately playing with the children and playing a little bit of piano. I really did not like cleaning and tidy up, I just see as a continuous activity that’s never ending. I would like to spend my time in reading or in. Studying interesting topic as quantum computing. A nice activity that I like is curating the two newsletters : startups events in Nuremberg and food and technology. I like the idea that every week almost 4000 readers around the world getting inspired by the article’s that I selected. For me be a curator is an opportunity for be updated and read and get inspired with new technologies. I would like invest more resources and time in this activity , like: contact all the curator of and exchange opinions in order to create new opportunities for the readers.
I’ll put on the do list for 2022.

Decide how to handle Situation

You can feel desperate That you have children at Home and a Full Time Job. Or you can feel bless you, as me. I am so lucky that , despite the Pandemic , I have a job and I have beautiful children , with a lot‘s of new Ideas.

my Living room is during the Morning an Office and during the evening : a Gym or a Cinema .

Doesn‘t matter if the Flat is destroyed, if you are cooking 6 meals pro day; it is just a Little part of your Life and as all in comple of years. You will miss this Phase. So is io to you enjoy it or not.

Find a nursery place

An important support for a working mum is a nursery place. When I moved to Germany, it was not so easy to find a nursery place in Nuremberg. Not all the nursery are accepting children in the middle of year( usually they are giving places in Sep) and not all the nursery are accepting children younger than one year. That’s in my opinion is a great limitation, because without a nursery place it is difficult to look for a job, to taking part to a german course. Fortunately I found an office in Nuremberg ( there is one in each city) that is supporting parents to find a nursery place. The woman responsible for the office is really competent, efficient and effective. She helped me to find a nursery place. She is speaking german and english.

I am strongly advice to contact this office in order to get support to find a nursery place.

Please find below: the contact of the nursery office:

Servicestelle Kitaplatz

Dietzstraße 4

EG, Zimmer 032 und 002

90443 Nürnberg

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel


Telefax: 09 11 / 2 31-1 06 43

Zur verschlüsselten Übertragung Ihrer Nachricht:






Mo / Di / Do: 8.30 – 12 Uhr und 13 – 15.30 Uhr
Mi / Fr: 8.30 Uhr – 12.30 Uhr
und Termine nach Vereinbarung

Christine Gräf

Telefon: 09 11 / 2 31-1 04 44

Mom works in Italy

Maternity protection:

The law protects the working mother in the different stages of pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life.

First, the health of female workers is protected, she cannot perform dangerous work from the beginning of pregnancy and until the seventh month of age of the child, as well sash cannot work in the night (from 24 to 6).

The law also provides the obligation to abstain from work for the working of two months before the expected date of delivery, up to three months after (though is the possibility to abstain in a time before the two months preceding the expected date of delivery – in certain health conditions of the working – or the month before the expected date of childbirth and the next four months), with the right to 80% of pay (i.e .maternity leave).
In case of death or serious illness of the mother, it is possible for the father takes the paternity leave or have a part time work.

By Law 92/2012 of the law of the job was reformed., it was also introduced, on a trial basis for the 2013-2015 triennium, the father has a obligation to abstain from work for one day within 5 months after birth. The law 208/2015 (SO-CALLED 2016 Stability Law) the obligation to abstain is two days.

Both parents have the right to take time off work also simultaneously within the first years of a child’s life (parental leave).


Milena Sanzaro.

Breastfeeding and work in Germany 2/2

At the end I got the information: it is also possible to breastfeeding at home.

The law doesn’t regulate when the breastfeeding should happen. For this reason it is possible to choose the time that fit best with your need. (after that you spoke with your employer.

For i.e.

If you work more than 8h/day, you have right or 2 times 45 min or one times 90 min.

So it is possible to start to work 45 min later and finish 45 min before; or finish to work 90 min before.

In this time is possible to go at home and breastfeeding.


All the information concerning this post were provided by the office of employment protection of Franken. (Sozialer Arbeitsschutz)



Breastfeeding and work in Germany 1/2

In Germany is possible to breastfeed during the working hours.

This right is regulate by a law, the content of which I’m going to summarize in the paragraph below:

  • Two per day it is possible to breastfeed for 30 minute
  • if you work more than 8 h for day: you are allowed to breastfeed or use the breast pump twice for 45 minute or once 90 minutes.

These hours are payed 75% of your income.

Your company or your employer has to give the better condition to perform this action: a separate room to breastfeed or pump down your milk must be available and  also must be available a refrigerator where you can conserve your milk.

In this law there are no indications about the possibility to gather the working time and go earlier at home to feed your baby.


New update will be in the next post.